about them, about me

We are… to give pleasure, to snuggle, to cuddle and to be in your service.
We exist… being in limited number and we come to the few.
We talk… we try to speak (in our own language) in our own way, reaching to those who wished to invite us.
The products I offer you are handmade in traditional way. Limited in their number, designed, constructed and manufactured by me.
I offer a high quality products, perfectly dressed, made from Polish woven and knitted fabrics (80% of natural fibres and the latest generation of microfiber, fill non-allergic silicone ball).
While designing I want to achieve the highest level of perfection that is why I will never be satisfied with the results of my work. But with the respect for craftsmanship and artistic tailoring I try…
I do not copy or reproduce. I construct, I cut, I piece together with patience and many times. Again and again… I sew because I want!!!